Spontaneous Macroscopic Spin Polarization in Independent Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates

Mark H. Wheeler, Kevin M. Mertes, Jessie D. Erwin, and David S. Hall
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 170402 – Published 18 October 2004


We present experimental evidence for the spontaneous formation of a macroscopic spin polarization in overlapping regions of two independent Bose-Einstein condensates produced in different hyperfine states of Rb87. The condensates are independent in the sense that we do not explicitly introduce a relative phase between them. A single “spin-tip” pulse maps the transverse spin polarization into longitudinal spin polarization, and the atomic density distributions are measured with a Stern-Gerlach imaging method. The resulting matter-wave interference patterns are anticorrelated.

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  • Received 15 June 2004


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Authors & Affiliations

Mark H. Wheeler, Kevin M. Mertes, Jessie D. Erwin, and David S. Hall

  • Department of Physics, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts 01002-5000, USA

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Vol. 93, Iss. 17 — 22 October 2004

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