Tunneling phenomena in the open elliptic quantum billiard

Hipolito Garcia-Gracia and Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega
Phys. Rev. E 86, 016210 – Published 12 July 2012


The study of open quantum billiards has gained popularity in the last decades, including different common and uncommon geometries such as the circular and stadium billiards. We present an extensive analysis of the elliptic quantum billiard with hyperbolic channels. We concentrate on the tunneling through an elliptic resonator-like structure. We analyze three different variations of the system: the first configuration has horizontal channels, then we study the system with vertical leads, and finally we displace both channels by the same angle to gain a more general perspective. We observed a very unusual phase distribution in the resonator cavity when there is no tunneling through the system.

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  • Received 27 March 2012


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Authors & Affiliations

Hipolito Garcia-Gracia* and Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega

  • Photonics and Mathematical Optics Group, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey 64849, Mexico

  • *hipolito.garciagracia@gmail.com
  • juliocesar@itesm.mx

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Vol. 86, Iss. 1 — July 2012

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