Diffusion over a fluctuating barrier in underdamped dynamics

Jun-Wen Mao and Cai-Wan Shen
Phys. Rev. E 83, 041108 – Published 11 April 2011


We apply a Langevin model by imposing additive and multiplicative noises to study thermally activated diffusion over a fluctuating barrier in underdamped dynamics. The barrier fluctuation is characterized by Gaussian colored noise with exponential correlation. We present the exact solutions for the first and second moments. Furthermore, we use direct simulations to calculate the asymptotic probability for a Brownian particle passing over the fluctuating barrier. The results indicate that the correlation of the fluctuating barrier is crucial for barrier crossing dynamics.

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  • Received 20 October 2010


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Authors & Affiliations

Jun-Wen Mao* and Cai-Wan Shen

  • Department of Physics, Huzhou Teachers College, Huzhou 313000, People’s Republic of China

  • *jwmao@hutc.zj.cn

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Vol. 83, Iss. 4 — April 2011

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