Hydrodynamic equations for one-dimensional systems of inelastic particles

C. Vamo̧s, N. Suciu, and A. Georgescu
Phys. Rev. E 55, 6277 – Published 1 May 1997
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Using a different method, the balance equations of mass, momentum, and kinetic energy are derived for an arbitrary one-dimensional system of inelastic particles from its kinematic description. The failure of the hydrodynamic equations for such dissipative systems must be attributed to the inconsistency of constitutive relations with the microscopic structure of the system. Among the constitutive relations, the Fourier law of heat conduction is the most inappropriate.


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    Authors & Affiliations

    C. Vamo̧s and N. Suciu

    • 'T. Popoviciu' Institute of Numerical Analysis, P.O. Box 68, 3400 Cluj-Napoca 1, Romania

    A. Georgescu

    • Institute of Applied Mathematics, P.O. Box 1-24, Ro-70700 Bucharest, Romania

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    Vol. 55, Iss. 5 — May 1997

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