Neutrino beams from muon storage rings: Characteristics and physics potential

S. Geer
Phys. Rev. D 57, 6989 – Published 1 June 1998; Erratum Phys. Rev. D 59, 039903 (1999)
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High-intensity high-energy neutrino beams could be produced by exploiting a very intense future muon source, and allowing the muons to decay in a storage ring containing a long straight section. Taking the parameters of muon source designs that are currently under study, the characteristics of the neutrino beams that could be produced are discussed and some examples of their physics potential given. It is shown that the neutrino and antineutrino beam intensities may be sufficient to produce hundreds of charged current interactions per year in a detector on the far side of the Earth.

  • Received 4 December 1997


©1998 American Physical Society


Authors & Affiliations

S. Geer

  • Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, P.O. Box 500, Batavia, Illinois 60510

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Vol. 57, Iss. 11 — 1 June 1998

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