Spectroscopic tool for proton-rich nuclei: The (3He,6He) reaction

S. Kubono, N. Ikeda, T. Nomura, Y. Fuchi, H. Kawashima, S. Kato, H. Miyatake, and H. Orihara
Phys. Rev. C 43, 1821 – Published 1 April 1991
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The angular distributions have been measured for the three-neutron pickup reaction (3He, He6) at 74 MeV. The angular distributions measured show a clear dependence on the transferred angular momentum. This feature allows spin-parity assignments, suggesting this reaction to be a useful tool for studying proton-rich nuclei.

  • Received 23 October 1990


©1991 American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

S. Kubono, N. Ikeda, T. Nomura, Y. Fuchi, and H. Kawashima

  • Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo, Tanashi, Tokyo 188, Japan

S. Kato

  • Physics Department, Yamagata University, Yamagata 990, Japan

H. Miyatake

  • College of General Education, Osaka University, Osaka 560, Japan

H. Orihara

  • Cyclotron-Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University, Aoba, Sendai 980, Japan

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Vol. 43, Iss. 4 — April 1991

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