Infrared Spectral Emittance and Optical Properties of Yttrium Vanadate

H. E. Rast, H. H. Caspers, and S. A. Miller
Phys. Rev. 169, 705 – Published 15 May 1968
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The infrared spectral emittance E of single scrystals of YVO4 has been examined near 4.2 and 77°K in the wavelength range 4-125 μm. Of the expected seven active transverse optical modes at k∼0, six have been observed and assigned to their symmetry species based on their polarization with respect to the crystalline axes. The observed frequencies of the transverse optic Eu modes were 196, 261, and 788 cm1; and for A2u modes, 310, 455, and 803 cm1. The relation between emittance and reflectance, E=1R in the opaque region of lattice vibrations, permits one to determine the reflectance R. By least-square-fitting the reflectance data to an independent set of damped harmonic oscillators, infrared dispersion parameters were determined for the Eu vibrations.

  • Received 13 November 1967


©1968 American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

H. E. Rast, H. H. Caspers, and S. A. Miller*

  • Infrared Division, Research Department, Naval Weapons Center Corona Laboratories Corona, California 91720

  • *Formerly Naval Ordnance Laboratory, Corona, Calif.

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Vol. 169, Iss. 3 — May 1968

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