Lambda-Proton Interactions at High Energies

D. Bassano, C. Y. Chang, M. Goldberg, T. Kikuchi, and J. Leitner
Phys. Rev. 160, 1239 – Published 25 August 1967
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Lambda-proton interactions leading to final states of the types Λp, Λp2π, and Σpπ have been investigated in the momentum range ∼1-5 BeV/c. Final-state resonance production is discussed in terms of meson-exchange models and inelastic cross sections are estimated. The elastic and total cross sections, averaged over the full energy range, are found to be ∼10 mb and ∼35 mb, respectively. These values are in good agreement with predictions based on various versions of the quark model.

  • Received 4 April 1967


©1967 American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

D. Bassano, C. Y. Chang, M. Goldberg, and T. Kikuchi*

  • Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

J. Leitner

  • Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York and Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, New York

  • *Present address: Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Vol. 160, Iss. 5 — August 1967

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