Investigation into the Elastic Scattering of Σ± Hyperons on Hydrogen

F. Russell Stannard
Phys. Rev. 121, 1513 – Published 1 March 1961
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An investigation has been made into the elastic scattering of Σ hyperons on hydrogen. The experiment was based on a sample of 12 000 Σ particles formed in a propane bubble chamber by the interactions of 1.15-Bev/c K mesons. A total track length of 210 meters in the energy range 100 to 700 Mev has been examined.

Ten examples were found of the reaction Σ++pΣ++p, and six of the reaction Σ+pΣ+p. The estimates of the cross sections for the two processes are, respectively, 3814+18mb and 104+6mb. The scattering angle distributions in the c.m. system appear isotropic for the Σ+ particles, and peaked forward for the Σ particles. The results are discussed in relation to various theoretical predictions, and, in particular, some evidence is found favoring the Gammel-Thaler method of treating the triplet odd-parity nucleon-nucleon potential.

  • Received 20 October 1960


©1961 American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

F. Russell Stannard*

  • Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, California

  • *Present address: Physics Department, University College London, Gower Street, London W. C. 1, England.

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Vol. 121, Iss. 5 — March 1961

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