APS Announces Physical Review Applied

The American Physical Society (APS) is pleased to announce Physical Review Applied, a new journal dedicated to publishing the highest quality research across all aspects of experimental and theoretical applications of physics, including their interactions with other sciences, engineering, and industry. Physical Review Applied will include research articles, research letters, and review articles, and will apply the same rigorous editorial standards as the existing family of Physical Review journals.

The case for starting Physical Review Applied was compelling for several reasons:

  • About 1,000 papers are rejected each year from the existing APS journals on the grounds that they are too applied; these could easily fill a new journal. We tracked the rejected papers and found that most were published and were well cited.
  • Surveys of the community confirmed that many applied physicists would prefer to publish in an APS journal if one were available.
  • Applied physics is growing at a faster rate than "pure" physics. APS wants to be part of this growth and to stay competitive.
  • The APS strategic plan states that its journals should span the full breadth of physics, and have a place for all subfields to publish. Physical Review Applied will fill a significant gap in the APS coverage.
  • Starting Physical Review Applied is in the best interests of APS and its constituencies. We will be able to provide better service to more communities.

APS is currently looking to hire a Senior Editor for Physical Review Applied to guide this journal and effectively represent and serve the applied physics community. This position will lead an international editorial board of applied physicists and a staff of editors. Nominations and applications can be sent to: Chair, Physical Review Applied Search Committee, edsearch@aps.org before September 1, 2013. A call for papers will be made this fall and the first issue will publish early next year.

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