APS Data Sets for Research

Over the years, APS has made available to researchers data based on our publications for use in research about networks and the social aspects of science. In order to further facilitate the use of our data sets in this type of research, researchers may now request access to this data by filling out a simple web form. The requesting researcher must accept the terms and conditions governing the use of the data sets. Requests will be quickly reviewed and, if approved, the data will be made available for download after accepting the terms and conditions below.

Data Sets

The corpus of Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, and Reviews of Modern Physics is comprised of over 450,000 articles and dates back to 1893. We are making available two data sets based on this corpus:

1) Citing article pairs: This data set consists of pairs of APS articles that cite each other. For instance, if article A cites article B, there will be an entry in the data set consisting of the pair of DOIs for A and B. This data set will be formatted as a comma-separated values (CSV) file consisting of the DOI pairs, one pair per line.

2) Article metadata: This data set consists of the basic metadata of all APS journal articles. The metadata provided includes the following fields: DOI, journal, volume, issue, first page and last page OR article id and number of pages, title, authors, affiliations, publication history, PACS codes, table of contents heading, article type, and copyright information.

Questions about the data sets may be addressed to data-requests@aps.org.

Terms and Conditions

The usage of the APS data sets are covered by the following terms and conditions. By submitting your request, you are agreeing to abide by these terms and conditions.

1) The data will be used only by you and your listed collaborators for the purposes you have listed. Use by other third parties or for other research projects requires additional written permission of the American Physical Society.

2) You and your collaborators will take reasonable precautions to protect and keep secure the data.

3) You may not use the data for any commercial or other non-research-related purpose without the written consent of the American Physical Society.

4) You will give the American Physical Society the option of reviewing any research report based on the supplied data before the report is published or made otherwise available. The APS will restrict its review of the research to ensuring that the data set is accurately represented.

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