Notes on Manuscript Preparation

Style conventions for RMP papers are described in the Reviews of Modern Physics Style Guide. Especially important are the conventions for references, which are dictated by the large number of references in a typical review paper and which must be followed for a paper to be accepted for publication.

Reviews of Modern Physics prefers papers submitted in electronic form. For initial submissions we request a file in PDF format, two columns per page, with figures embedded. Send to

After an article has been reviewed and any changes made in response to referee suggestions, we ask for the source file for use in production. We strongly prefer a LaTeX text file, using the format and macros of REVTeX. REVTeX has been developed by the American Physical Society for use in all APS journals. Files prepared in Microsoft Word can sometimes be used if prepared in accordance with Word Guidelines.

Download REVTeX 4.1

The header of the LaTeX file should read


To generate a table of contents, after the abstract insert the command \tableofcontents.

In order to facilitate electronic submission, model RMP articles are available for viewing:

We prefer figures in PostScript or eps format, but can accommodate photographs, line drawings, and other hard copy. Graphics and text are handled separately in production and should be submitted separately. Do not embed figures or tables in the body of the production file or include captions in the figures. A separate list of figure captions should be included at the end of the paper. See Style for Electronic Figures for information on naming of figure files, color figures, and sending figures.

RMP papers may be sent to the journal by using the APS manuscript upload site

RMP would like to make electronic transmission more efficient. Sending a separate file for the body of the article and for each figure can be time consuming. If you use a UNIX system, you may send just one file for your entire article by using UNIX to compress article files. If your system supports something other than "tar" or "gzip", we will not be able to work with your files.

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