Azimuthal Anisotropy and Correlations at Large Transverse Momenta in p+p and Au+Au Collisions at sNN=200GeV

Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 252301 – Published 15 December 2004
J. Adams et al. (STAR Collaboration)


Results on high transverse momentum charged particle emission with respect to the reaction plane are presented for Au+Au collisions at sNN=200GeV. Two- and four-particle correlations results are presented as well as a comparison of azimuthal correlations in Au+Au collisions to those in p+p at the same energy. The elliptic anisotropy v2 is found to reach its maximum at pt3GeV/c, then decrease slowly and remain significant up to pt710GeV/c. Stronger suppression is found in the back-to-back high-pt particle correlations for particles emitted out of plane compared to those emitted in plane. The centrality dependence of v2 at intermediate pt is compared to simple models based on jet quenching.


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  • Received 9 July 2004
  • Published 15 December 2004

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