GEp/GMp Ratio by Polarization Transfer in epep

Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 1398 – Published 14 February 2000
M. K. Jones et al. (The Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration)


The ratio of the proton's elastic electromagnetic form factors, GEp/GMp, was obtained by measuring Pt and P, the transverse and the longitudinal recoil proton polarization, respectively. For elastic epep, GEp/GMp is proportional to Pt/P. Simultaneous measurement of Pt and P in a polarimeter provides good control of the systematic uncertainty. The results for the ratio GEp/GMp show a systematic decrease as Q2 increases from 0.5 to 3.5 GeV2, indicating for the first time a definite difference in the spatial distribution of charge and magnetization currents in the proton.


  • Received 4 October 1999
  • Published in the issue dated 14 February 2000

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