Three-dimensional arrays of submicron particles generated by a four-beam optical lattice

Phys. Rev. E 83, 051406 – Published 31 May 2011
B. N. Slama-Eliau and G. Raithel


Using an optical lattice formed by four laser beams, we obtain three-dimensional light-induced crystals of 490-nm-diameter polystyrene spheres in solution. The setup yields face-centered orthorhombic optical crystals of a packing density of about 40%. An alignment procedure is developed in which the crystals are first prepared near a sample wall, and then in the bulk of the sample. A series of tests is performed that demonstrate particle trapping in all three dimensions. For one case, the trapping force is measured, and good agreement with a simple theoretical model is found. Possible applications are discussed.


    • Received 3 November 2010
    • Revised 19 March 2011
    • Published 31 May 2011

    ©2011 American Physical Society

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    Authors & Affiliations

    B. N. Slama-Eliau and G. Raithel*

    • FOCUS Center, Department of Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109, USA

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