Separability in relativistic Hamiltonian particle dynamics

Phys. Rev. D 26, 3492 – Published 15 December 1982
A. P. Balachandran, D. Dominici, G. Marmo, N. Mukunda, J. Nilsson, J. Samuel, E. C. G. Sudarshan, and F. Zaccaria


The problem of separability in recent models of classical relativistic interacting particles is examined. This physical requirement is shown to be more subtle than naive separability of all the constraints defining the system: it is adequate to be able to canonically transform the time-fixing constraints from an unseparated to a separated form when clusters emerge. Viewing separability in this way, and within a specific framework, we are led to a new no-interaction theorem which states the incompatibility of nontrivial interaction with relativistic invariance, separability, and invariant world lines for more than two particles.


  • Received 18 February 1982
  • Published in the issue dated 15 December 1982

© 1982 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

A. P. Balachandran*, D. Dominici, G. Marmo, N. Mukunda, J. Nilsson§, J. Samuel, E. C. G. Sudarshan, and F. Zaccaria

  • Center for Theoretical Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012, India

  • *Permanent address: Physics Department, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York 13210.
  • Permanent address: Istituto Nazionale di Física Nucleare, Largo E. Fermi 2, Firenze, Italy.
  • Permanent address: Istituto di Fisica Teorica, Universitá di Napoli, Napoli, Italy.
  • §Permanent address: Institute of Theoretical Physics, S-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden.

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