Neutron-rich argon nuclei

Phys. Rev. C 9, 2071 – Published 1 May 1974
D. H. Gloeckner, R. D. Lawson, and F. J. D. Serduke


It is shown that the (πd32)-2(νf72, νp32)n model previously used to interpret the data on the lighter argon nuclei can be used to understand the recently observed results in Ar251843 and Ar261844. The first excited state of Ar261844 is predicted to be a core-excited 0+ level arising from the configuration [(d32)-400×(f72)804]J=0, T=4.

[NUCLEAR STRUCTURE shell model, d32 protons f72-p32 neutrons; Ar43 calculated levels, J; Ar43,44,45,46 calculated binding energies.]


  • Received 14 December 1973
  • Published in the issue dated May 1974

© 1974 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

D. H. Gloeckner, R. D. Lawson, and F. J. D. Serduke

  • Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439

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