Method of Correlated Quasiparticles. III. 0+ Particle-Particle Residual Interactions in Odd-Mass Systems

Phys. Rev. C 8, 1896 – Published 1 November 1973
R. R. Chasman


Methods are developed for determining the properties of low-lying states in odd-mass systems with a residual interaction of the 0+ particle-particle form. Using matrix elements obtained from a surface-peaked δ interaction, the methods of this paper are applied to an analysis of states in U235 and U237. The results are compared with equivalent pairing-force model calculations. Substantial differences, on the order of 300 keV, are found in the single-particle energy level spectra deduced from the two residual interactions.

[NUCLEAR STRUCTURE: Quasiparticles; residual interactions; U235,237 calculated levels.]


  • Received 2 July 1973
  • Published in the issue dated November 1973

© 1973 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

R. R. Chasman

  • Chemistry Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439

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