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Experiments on the synthesis of element 115 in the reaction Am243(Ca48,xn)115291x

Phys. Rev. C 69, 021601(R) – Published 2 February 2004
Yu. Ts. Oganessian et al.


The results of experiments designed to synthesize element 115 isotopes in the Am243+Ca48 reaction are presented. With a beam dose of 4.3×1018 248-MeV Ca48 projectiles, we observed three similar decay chains consisting of five consecutive α decays, all detected in time intervals of about 20s and terminated at a later time by a spontaneous fission with a high-energy release (total kinetic energy 220MeV). At a higher bombarding energy of 253MeV, with an equal Ca48 beam dose, we registered a different decay chain of four consecutive α decays detected in a time interval of about 0.5s, also terminated by spontaneous fission. The α decay energies and half-lives for nine new α-decaying nuclei are given. The decay properties of these synthesized nuclei are consistent with consecutive α decays originating from the parent isotopes of the new element 115, 128815 and 128715, produced in the 3n- and 4n-evaporation channels with cross sections of about 3pb and 1pb, respectively. The radioactive properties of the new odd-Z nuclei (105115) are compared with the predictions of the macroscopic-microscopic theory. The experiments were carried out at the U400 cyclotron with the recoil separator DGFRS at FLNR, JINR.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.69.021601

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  • Received 8 September 2003
  • Published 2 February 2004
  • Publisher error corrected 3 February 2004

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