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Elastic scattering and breakup of 17F at 10 MeV/nucleon

Phys. Rev. C 65, 051603(R) – Published 2 May 2002
J. F. Liang, J. R. Beene, H. Esbensen, A. Galindo-Uribarri, J. Gomez del Campo, C. J. Gross, M. L. Halbert, P. E. Mueller, D. Shapira, D. W. Stracener, I. J. Thompson, and R. L. Varner


Angular distributions of fluorine and oxygen produced from 170MeV 17F incident on 208Pb were measured. The elastic scattering data are in good agreement with optical model calculations using a double-folding potential and parameters similar to those obtained from 16O+208Pb. A large yield of oxygen was observed near θlab=36°. It is reproduced fairly well by a calculation of the (17F,16O) breakup, which is dominated by one-proton stripping reactions. The discrepancy between our previous coincidence measurement and theoretical predictions was resolved by including core absorption in the present calculation.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevC.65.051603

  • Received 19 June 2001
  • Revised 29 January 2002
  • Published 2 May 2002

© 2002 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

J. F. Liang1, J. R. Beene1, H. Esbensen2, A. Galindo-Uribarri1, J. Gomez del Campo1, C. J. Gross1,3, M. L. Halbert1, P. E. Mueller1, D. Shapira1, D. W. Stracener1, I. J. Thompson4, and R. L. Varner1

  • 1Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831
  • 2Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439
  • 3Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831
  • 4Department of Physics, University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 5XH, United Kingdom

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