Triaxial Shapes for sd-Shell Nuclei

Phys. Rev. C 5, 768 – Published 1 March 1972
D. Kurath


The E2 properties and excitation energies of low-lying states in Mg24, Mg26, Si30, and S32 are calculated using the adiabatic model of a triaxially deformed rotor. The results are compared with those of recent shell-model calculations and strong similarity is found for both Mg24 and S32 with nearly the same deformation parameters in the adiabatic model. The strength for isovector M1 excitation, pertinent to results of inelastic electron scattering, is also calculated using the closure sum rule.


  • Received 29 October 1971
  • Published in the issue dated March 1972

© 1972 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

D. Kurath

  • Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439

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