Color collective effects at the early stage of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions

Phys. Rev. C 49, 2191 – Published 1 April 1994
Stanisław Mrówczyński


Hard and semihard processes lead to a copious production of partons at the early stage of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions. Since the parton momentum distribution is strongly anisotropic, the system can be unstable with respect to the specific plasma modes. The conditions of instability are found and the characteristic time of its development is estimated. Then, the screening of the static chromoelectric field in the nonequilibrium plasma is studied. Importance of the two phenomena for heavy-ion collisions at the Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the CERN Large Hadron Collider is critically discussed.


  • Received 20 September 1993
  • Published in the issue dated April 1994

© 1994 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

Stanisław Mrówczyński

  • High-Energy Department, Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, ul. Hoża 69, PL-00-681 Warsaw, Poland

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