Nuclear surface fluctuations: Charge density

Phys. Rev. C 28, 355 – Published 1 July 1983
H. Esbensen and G. F. Bertsch


Fluctuations of the nuclear surface about the Hartree-Fock configuration can have a significant influence on ground state charge densities. We present simple formulas to describe the effects of zero-point motions of the surface due to random phase approximation vibrations. We use a collective treatment, justifying it with a solvable model. We find that the main correction to the densities comes from low-lying collective states, whereas giant resonances are of minor importance.

NUCLEAR STRUCTURE Charge density in the correlated ground state obtained from Hartree-Fock theory and the RPA response.


  • Received 22 February 1983
  • Published in the issue dated July 1983

© 1983 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

H. Esbensen and G. F. Bertsch

  • Cyclotron Laboratory and Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824

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