Techniques for heavy-ion coupled-channels calculations. II. Iterative solution of the coupled radial equations

Phys. Rev. C 21, 2436 – Published 1 June 1980
M. Rhoades-Brown, M. H. Macfarlane, and Steven C. Pieper


This paper, the second in a series on techniques for heavy-ion coupled-channels calculations, compares various iterative methods for the solution of the coupled radial equations in the interior region of configuration space. We consider the Born-Neumann series, sequential iteration, the method of moments, and Austern's modification of the Sasakawa method. The use of Padé approximants is shown to eliminate convergence problems with Born and sequential iteration. We conclude that sequential iteration with Padé acceleration is the most rapidly convergent and most efficient way of carrying out coupled-channels calculations for heavy-ion inelastic scattering; 0.5% accuracy in cross sections can be achieved with three or four interations in each partial wave.

NUCLEAR REACTIONS HI coupled-channels inelastic scattering. Iterative solution of radial equations.


  • Received 26 November 1979
  • Published in the issue dated June 1980

© 1980 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

M. Rhoades-Brown, M. H. Macfarlane, and Steven C. Pieper

  • Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439


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