Size-dependent conductivity-type inversion in Cu2O nanoparticles

Phys. Rev. B 69, 165419 – Published 29 April 2004
B. Balamurugan, I. Aruna, B. R. Mehta, and S. M. Shivaprasad


X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and optical absorption studies have been carried out on Cu2O nanoparticles prepared using the activated reactive evaporation technique. A strong shift of the valence band edge (from 0.7 to 1.8 eV) has been observed on reduction of the nanoparticle size from 20 nm to 4 nm. The size-dependent modifications in the energy level diagram and metal-Cu2O nanoparticle Schottky junction characteristics confirm the observation of the inversion of conductivity type from p-type bulk conductivity to n-type conductivity in Cu2O nanoparticles at lower dimensions. This study can initiate a further methodology for tailoring the semiconductor properties of a material by controlling the nanoparticle size.


  • Received 3 July 2003
  • Revised 20 January 2004
  • Published 29 April 2004

© 2004 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

B. Balamurugan, I. Aruna, and B. R. Mehta*

  • Thin Film Laboratory, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi 110016, India

S. M. Shivaprasad

  • Surface Physics Group, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi 110012, India

  • *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Electronic address:

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