Self-consistent effective-mass theory for intralayer screening in graphite intercalation compounds

Phys. Rev. B 29, 1685 – Published 15 February 1984
D. P. DiVincenzo and E. J. Mele


The effective-mass-approximation differential equations appropriate for impurities in a graphite host are constructed and are used to solve self-consistently for the screening response surrounding a single intercalant atom. The screening cloud is found to have a very slow algebraic decay with a characteristic length of 3.8 Å in the case studied. This rather long length is due to both the semimetallic and the two-dimensional character of graphite. A Thomas-Fermi description of screening is found to be adequate, but a linear-response theory is not. From these results we conclude that the transferred charge in alkali-metal—graphite intercalation compounds is distributed nearly homogeneously on a carbon plane. We discuss recent theoretical and experimental work in light of these results.


  • Received 3 October 1983
  • Published in the issue dated 15 February 1984

© 1984 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

D. P. DiVincenzo and E. J. Mele

  • Department of Physics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-3859

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