Gravity as a zero-point-fluctuation force

Phys. Rev. A 39, 2333 – Published 1 March 1989
H. E. Puthoff


Sakharov has proposed a suggestive model in which gravity is not a separately existing fundamental force, but rather an induced effect associated with zero-point fluctuations (ZPF’s) of the vacuum, in much the same manner as the van der Waals and Casimir forces. In the spirit of this proposal we develop a point-particleZPF interaction model that accords with and fulfills this hypothesis. In the model gravitational mass and its associated gravitational effects are shown to derive in a fully self-consistent way from electromagnetic-ZPF-induced particle motion (Zitterbewegung). Because of its electromagnetic-ZPF underpinning, gravitational theory in this form constitutes an ‘‘already unified’’ theory.


  • Received 15 August 1988
  • Published in the issue dated March 1989

© 1989 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

H. E. Puthoff

  • Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Austin, Texas 78746

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