Rollin Film Rates in Liquid Helium

Phys. Rev. 76, 1209 – Published 15 October 1949
Henry A. Fairbank and C. T. Lane


Quantitative measurements have been made on the flow of the Rollin film out of a cylindrical vessel containing liquid helium. The range of temperature studied extends from 1.34 K to the λ-point. It is found that the film transfer rate is somewhat greater than that observed for isothermal flow under a gravitational potential difference. Evidence is presented tending to show that the film can evaporate at temperatures near those of the parent liquid.


  • Received 11 July 1949
  • Published in the issue dated October 1949

© 1949 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

Henry A. Fairbank* and C. T. Lane*

  • Sloane Physics Laboratory, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

  • *Assisted by the ONR.

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