The Fission of Thorium with Alpha-Particles

Phys. Rev. 75, 17 – Published 1 January 1949
Amos S. Newton


The fission distribution of fission of thorium with alpha-particles of average energy 37.5 Mev has been measured by the chemical method. The distribution found shows that the characteristic dip in the fission yield mass spectrum has been raised to within a factor of two of the peaks compared to a factor of 600 in slow neutron fission of U235. The raise in the dip has caused a corresponding lowering in fission yield of these elements at the peaks. The cross section for fission of thorium with 37.5-Mev alphas was found to be about 0.6 barn, and the threshold for fission was found to be 23 to 24 Mev.


  • Received 27 September 1948
  • Published in the issue dated January 1949

© 1949 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

Amos S. Newton

  • Radiation Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, California

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