Inelastic Scattering of Fast Neutrons by Fe, Pb, and Bi

Phys. Rev. 73, 1307 – Published 1 June 1948
L. Szilard, S. Bernstein, B. Feld, and J. Ashkin


Measurements of inelastic scattering effects of Ra-α-Be and Ra-α-B neutrons in Fe, Pb, and Bi have been made. A U238 fission threshold detector was used. The method consisted in measuring the fission counting rate in the detector with and without the spherical scatterer surrounding the source. From the decrease in the counting rate caused by the presence of the scatterer, values of the cross section for inelastic scattering to below the U238 fission threshold were calculated for several assumed values of the elastic scattering cross section.


  • Received 27 February 1948
  • Published in the issue dated June 1948

© 1948 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

L. Szilard, S. Bernstein, B. Feld, and J. Ashkin*

  • Metallurgical Laboratory, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

  • *Present addresses of the authors: L. Szilard, Institute for Radiobiology, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois; S. Bernstein, Clinton National Laboratories, Oak Ridge, Tennessee; B. Feld, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts; J. Ashkin, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

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