Conversion of F3+ Centers and Destruction of R Centers in LiF with R Light

Phys. Rev. 171, 1096 – Published 15 July 1968
K. L. Vander Lugt and Y. W. Kim


R1 and R2 bleaches of irradiated LiF near 300°K have revealed the existence of a new color center whose main absorption band covers the region of the R1 and R2 bands. The new center is not related to any of the known color centers, and facilitates the conversion of F3+ centers into R centers according to the mechanism F3++eR, where the electron is provided by the photo-ionization of the new color center by the R bleach. Simultaneously, but at a slower rate, the R bleach also destroys the R centers by two concurrent mechanisms: (a) decomposition of an R center into an M center and an F center, and (b) conversion of an R center into another color center whose absorption band (550 mμ) is in the N-band region. If an N band in LiF is to be identified with the 550-mμ band, the present work favors a rearranged F3 model for the N center over the current Pick model of an F4 complex.


  • Received 13 October 1967
  • Revised 26 February 1968
  • Published in the issue dated July 1968

© 1968 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

K. L. Vander Lugt* and Y. W. Kim

  • Department of Physics, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

  • *National Defense Education Act Fellowship recipient, 1962-1965.

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