The Variation in Sound Intensity of Resonators and Organ Pipes with Blowing Pressure

Phys. Rev. 14, 49 – Published 1 July 1919
Beryl F. Love and Margaret K. Dawson


Synopsis.—Quantitative measurements were taken to ascertain the relation between the sound intensity of wind-blown instruments and the blowing pressure. The intensities of sound emitted by a tone-variator resonator and an organ pipe were measured by a Rayleigh resonator while the blowing pressure was noted by means of a water manometer. Assumptions concerning the constancy of the pitch of the sound and permancy of the sound pattern appeared justified.

The measurements showed that the intensity of the sound varied directly with the blowing pressure for the tone-variator and gave nearly a direct relation for the organ pipe. A discussion of the theory indicated that only part of the energy of the air pressure was converted into sound.


  • Received 1 March 1919
  • Published in the issue dated July 1919

© 1919 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

Beryl F. Love and Margaret K. Dawson

  • Laboratory of Physics, University of Illinois

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