Ground-State Energy of a Many-Fermion System

Phys. Rev. 118, 41 – Published 1 April 1960
W. Kohn and J. M. Luttinger


This paper contains a critique of the Brueckner-Goldstone perturbation series for the ground-state energy of an interacting gas of fermions. We have calculated this energy by first constructing the grand partition function at finite temperature, and then carefully taking the limit as T0. In general this leads to a series which differs from that of Brueckner and Goldstone. An exception is the case where both the unperturbed single-particle energy as well as the interaction potential have spherical symmetry. Reasons for the breakdown of the Brueckner-Goldstone formalism are briefly discussed.


  • Received 19 October 1959
  • Published in the issue dated April 1960

© 1960 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

W. Kohn

  • Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

J. M. Luttinger

  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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