Diamagnetism of Graphite

Phys. Rev. 104, 666 – Published 1 November 1956
J. W. McClure


The conduction-electron magnetic susceptibility of graphite has been calculated by using the Wallace two-dimensional band structure. The energy levels induced by the magnetic field are calculated by the method of Luttinger and Kohn, taking into account the large (in this case) effects of band-to-band transitions which are not included in the Landau-Peierls treatment. Agreement with the susceptibility observed at high temperatures is obtained with a choice of 2.6 ev for the resonance-integral parameter γ0. The details of the de Haas-van Alphen effect cannot be reproduced, indicating that a more complicated band structure is needed to account for the low-temperature experiments.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1103/PhysRev.104.666

  • Received 19 April 1956
  • Published in the issue dated November 1956

© 1956 The American Physical Society

Authors & Affiliations

J. W. McClure

  • Department of Physics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

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